We need to talk about how the APA is Fat-Shaming Kids!

APA To Release Guidelines For Fat-Shaming Kids For Profit

What happens when you suggest diet behavior to a kid who’s about to grow a foot? How do you affect their growth? How to you affect their health? This Read...
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Bearing witness to people's pain can test the strength of one's faith in humanity.

3 Things That Break My Heart As A Therapist

I first realized my desire to help people back in P.S. 96 in Da Bronx, where I spent countless hours in 4th grade aching to bring a smile to what I Read...
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“You’re not going to gain it ALL back, are you?” Image: Thinkstock.

10 Unhelpful Things People Said To Me When I Regained Lost Weight

“Wow, what happened?” (as eyes glance at my stomach area) What do you mean, “What happened?” When asked this, I sometimes wonder if little Read...
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Future Of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo In Limbo Following Child Molestation Report

Mama June is reportedly dating a convicted sex offender. Will TLC do the right thing and can the show? Read...
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