The reality is that mental illness is often messy and disruptive — and sanitizing that reality isn’t helpful.

The Conversation We’re Not Having About Mental Health

The reality is that mental illness is often messy and disruptive — and sanitizing that reality isn’t helpful. I felt like a stranger in my own life. Read...
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I Am The Crisis Friend.

Comfort In Chaos: I Am The Crisis Friend

I don’t know what “normal” is — that is to be not in crisis — because I never knew normal, to begin with. I am the crisis friend. Read...
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By just getting it out there, you are opening the door to the possibility of working it out.

How To See Your Relationship Crisis Coming 

This post originally appeared at Choose to Have it Read...
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“The police shooting of ‪Charles Kinsey last week [as of writing] exposed the myth of policing as a viable response to crisis scenarios in the United States.” Image: by Daniel Arauz/Flickr.

Not Everyone Thinks Funneling More Resources Into Police 'Training' Is Solution to Racist Violence

Some human rights campaigners argue that now is an important time to scrutinize federal funding of highly-militarized police trainings in the Miami Read...
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It’s like a care package, only you assemble it for yourself and open it up when you’re having a bad day. Image: Annie Spratt/Unsplash.

3 Mental Health Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Everyone, whether they have a mental illness or not, knows what it’s like to be in total despair and have no idea what to do about it. You’re curled Read...
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There are ways to help a family in mental health crisis.

6 Ways To Help A Family In Mental Health Crisis

No having a community rally in support, like it is supposed to during a crisis, can make a family in mental health crisis feel shamed and stigmatized. Read...
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Babies change things. This we know to be true.

Is Your Relationship In Flux? 4 Crisis-Inducing Changes

Having a baby is a joyous time but can often bring about drastic changes to the dynamic. With sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, body hang-ups, and Read...
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3 Innovative Solutions To The Global Hunger Epidemic

How do you address an epidemic that impacts 842 million people across the globe? Innovation. Read...
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