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How The War On Women Hurts Men, Too

It’s perhaps obvious how women are hurt when those in power do not view their lives and interests as equal and have no empathy for them: Their reproductive rights, their economic rights, and their human rights are dismissed and attacked. But, how are men impacted by culture and policies based in woman hatred? My answer is simple: Until women are free, men will not be free.

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8 Dad Stereotypes That Are Anti-Feminist And Need To Stop

It’s the 21st century and there are still dad stereotypes that are not only anti-feminist but also downright backwards thinking that need to stop. But you can’t stop something until you know what it is, so here is a list:


If Dads Date Their Daughters, Are Moms Supposed To Be “Dating” Their Sons Too?

Why have we decided that father-daughter time should involve an element of role-play—and mother-son time should not?


I'm Always Late, And It Makes Me A Liar

For the sake of all that is sacred, I will henceforth become a dependable person. Or at least I will try.


Watch: Adorable Dad and Daughter Rock Out to Iggy Azalea

Check out this father-daughter bonding at its best.


Babies: Adorable Mischief Makers! New Theory On Why Babies Cry At Night

A new study is questioning why babies cry all night and generally exhaust their parents... and no it's not because they're hungry, wet, lonely or scared. It's way more calculated—we're talking Stewie-style world domination.


"Asian Nerd" Dominates Jeopardy, Reveals Racism is Alive and Well

Arthur Chu is kicking butt on the quiz show. Could the backlash against him have something to do with lingering Asian stereotypes?