But now the jig was officially up. My daughter knew Santa isn't real.

Why Telling My Daughter "Santa Isn't Real" Was More Liberating Than Sad      

The jig was officially up. My daughter knew Santa isn't real. Had I ruined Christmas? Destroyed her sense of childlike wonder? Killed her holiday Read...
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For the past 18 years, my dad and I have run in the local Thanksgiving Turkey Trot together.

Homecoming: The Thanksgiving Tradition Of A Turkey Trot 

For the past 18 years, my dad and I have run in the local Turkey Trot together. Holiday rituals make it almost impossible to ignore the passage of Read...
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When I was a kid, my dad and I didn’t spend much time together. He was always taking my brother on weekend trips to go fishing, or waking him up when it was still dark to go deer-hunting, but I never wanted to go.

How I Caught A Dad On Pokemon Go

When I told him that I caught a Mantine, he wrote back, Yeah, I think I caught four or five of them today. I didn’t mind—for the first time in my Read...
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Me, My Parents, Fox News, And A Screaming Match — Being An Adult Is Complicated

Becoming an adult didn’t magically open me up to their world and their psyche as I thought it would. Even having children of my own did little to Read...
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Dear Daughter, I Let You Down

Most days I am confident with how I look and how I feel, but I worry I may never be able to completely banish those thoughts about my flaws and Read...
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I want my daughter to explore her interests and invest in herself.

I Don't Want My Daughter To Grow Up Like Me

Fortunately, when I look back at my childhood, it was mostly happy. I had parents who loved me. I had plenty of friends. I had access to food and Read...
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I’ve compiled a supplemental list of tips for my daughters, more in line with the confident, sex-positive women I want them to be.

7 Pieces Of Real Motherly Advice My Mom Never Gave Me

While I appreciate knowing the correct fork for any situation, my mother’s relationship advice can basically be summed up as this: “There are girls Read...
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There was a ghost-limb kind of remembrance of scratching an itch that I no longer had, but did once. (Image:Thinkstock)

How A Simple Shopping Trip With My Mom Lifted My Depression

As a forty-something mom, I rarely shop at Urban Outfitters anymore; I suppose I’ve graduated up to their sister brand, Anthropologie, with its Read...
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