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It’s Okay For Your Kids To Say No To Things

As parents, I believe that most of us really are trying to do our very best. You will make mistakes. It's okay for your kids to say no! Read...
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I am still ashamed. But despite that, or in spite of that, my life is beautiful.

Can I Blame My Mental Illness For My Lousy Behavior?

I wish I could say that every mistake I’ve made, every lousy decision, is all a manifestation of my faulty brain chemistry and mental illness. Read...
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Decisions big or small can wear you out before you even have a chance.

It's Time To Sharpen Those Decision-Making Skills

Whether it’s moving to a different country, starting a new career in a completely different field, or even something tiny like how to compose that Read...
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I don't think I had ever realized how important it is to me that my son be able to think for himself and be his own person. Image: Thinkstock.

What I Want My Son To Know About Being His Own Person

We live in a world where people are easily influenced. Heck, I'm a writer and influencer for a living, so I get this in its most extreme state. But Read...
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What if we regret it? Now we’re worried. Image: Thinkstock.

Regret Is Inevitable (And That's OK)

Most people view regret as a sign of personal failure. As a sign that they have made some sort of error. The more serious they believe that error to Read...
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Your children will look back on these moments as memories that make them giggle for years to come. Image: London Scout/Unsplash.

Cursing, And Everything Else That Actually Isn't Messing Up Our Kids

Every single day of our lives, since the moment that we bring home our beautiful child from the hospital — well, actually, well before that — we are Read...
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When Branden came along, we decided not to baptize him; I just didn’t believe our sweet baby was born in sin. Image: Juan Carlos Leva/PEXELS.

Religion vs. Motherhood: Why I Doubt My Choices

I am still a very spiritual person, but don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the things I was taught growing up — or the way it was shoved down our Read...
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