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Allison Cooper


Allison Cooper is founder and writer for Project Motherhood, where she blogs about balancing her love for family, fashion, and living in the big city. She is the co-founder of INTRO NYC, connecting brands, bloggers, and helping bloggers stay educated in the ever-evolving digital space.You can find her writing, at NYFW, spending time with her boys, or sipping on strong coffee!  You can connect with Allison on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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kids + holidays = not always a great combo.

5 Ways To Help Keep Kids Calm Over The Holidays

... there is no joy in the season when mom is locking herself in the bathroom to pull her hair out — don’t let that be you!


The Many Stages of Grieving Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

While this final stage might take years to get to, you will finally come to a place where you realize that strong truly is the new sexy and you did something that took all the strength that you have inside you to bring your child into this world. This is not something to take lightly, this is heroic.

Maybe we are overthinking and over-planning the whole parenting thing.

Apparently, Women In The U.K. Are Delaying Having Kids; Maybe They Shouldn't

I grew up dreaming of living in that house with the perfect blue shutters and the white picket fence, three perfectly interspaced children running

Breastfeeding doesn't work all the time for everyone. That's okay.

News Flash: Pressuring Moms To Breastfeed Is Stressing Them The Eff Out

There is nothing in the world that quite compares to the joyous feeling of bringing a new baby home.

Sometimes it's good to speak (loudly) your mind.

My Husband Let My Son's 3rd Grade Teacher Have It - And I'm Okay With That

3rd grade is no joke. There really isn’t any way around it, their curriculum is tough shit.

Traveling with kids. Help.

7 Travel Tips For Families On The Go

For many families, this is the time of year they travel most...If you are adding kids to the mix, though, traveling isn’t always the most pleasurable experience. Here are some tips that I have learned while traveling over the years.

Moms carry so much with them everywhere they go.

To The Mom Sick Of Repeating Herself: I Feel You

To any mom out there who is sick of repeating herself — I feel you. I feel you so hard. It’s a double edge sword, these reminders. They exhaust us.

Coffee is my hero and my first love.

10 Reasons Coffee Is A Life-Saver For Parents

When I take a sip of this sweet elixir, I come alive and can go about my day with my head screwed on straight. Coffee is my hero and my first love.


What I Learned About Self-Care After Turning 30

I was so consumed with being selfless that I never stopped to take care of myself, and it all came to a head. Now after turning 30 things have changed!

Not impressed. Image: Pixabay.

Why I'm Not Impressed By Your Perfect Instagram Feed

[CN: mention of suicide] It’s not all real. We don’t live curated lives that are built around purposeful omissions of reality...