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Does Trump Want To Send Your Au Pair Home?

Why are there so many politicians who will say they want more prosperity for works but won’t directly force employers to raise wages?

Anabel and her daughter. Anabel is currently being held in California awaiting deportation at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Center.

My Friend Is Being Deported

The heartbreaking truth of it all is that Anabel will be cast out of this country forever. Without having an opportunity to hug her children goodbye. Without getting the chance to thank her family and friends for supporting her through this horrendous time.


Nearly 300 Women And Children Have Been Deported From Immigration Detention Centers: Are We Sending Them To Their Demise?

In the Northwestern town of San Pedro Sula in Honduras, the morgue director Hector Hernandez says he's taken in the bodies of 42 dead children since February.


Listful Thinking: 3 Petitions that are Way More Important Than Justin Bieber Getting Sent Back to Canada

The White House has responded to a crazy-popular petition to deport Bieber. Why not focus our precious time on this earth with petitions of actual importance instead? Citizens and journalists of America, we hereby petition you to be and do better.