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How To Get a Divorce During Covid-19

You may have started to file for divorce before the outbreak of the Covid-19 or you might be contemplating divorce now, but are not sure how the outbreak will affect a court case or even mediation. Read...
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Negative Post-Divorce Feelings: One Day They’re Going To Get The Best Of Me

I have guilt, I have entitlement, and I have anger. One day, one of those three things is going to get the better of me. Read...
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Marital Compatibility: It’s About More Than Being “In Love”

This article first appeared on Divorced Moms and has been republished with permission.

Emily Cowen, a musical artist I enjoy sings, “Even though we just met, these feelings are so beautiful, you and me were meant to be together.” And that is where “love” songs get love wrong. You’ve just met, the feelings are beautiful so, goodness gracious, you must be meant to be together.


Long-lasting marriages and relationships aren’t based on beautiful feelings. They thrive because of compatibility and the unique differences both genders bring to the relationship and how well each can resolve conflict.

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Rediscovering Sex After Divorce: My Belated Sexual Revolution

If not for a mini-sexual revolution in the post-divorce era, there’s no telling where I’d be now. Read...
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Here’s How I Helped My Children Thrive After Divorce

After my divorce, the biggest thing I worried about was being able to raise my children after such a traumatic event in their lives. Read...
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Why Does The Narcissist Emotionally And Psychologically Abuse Others?

If you’ve ever suffered narcissistic abuse, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to understand what makes a narcissist tick. Why they behave the way they do, why did you fall prey to your narcissist? Read...
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How To Cope With The Pressure Of Single Parenting

You’re not the only one single parenting. There are more than 11 million single-parent families with underage children in the U.S. Out of those, more than 80% are single-mom families. Read...
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5 Keys To Creating A Happy Blended Family

Transitioning into a blended family can be difficult for all involved.