domestic violence

I’d spent so long normalizing my relationship, that to accept that it was wrong, even though I always knew it deep down, meant dismantling the foundation on which the last eight years of my life had been based.

When It Ended: On Escaping Domestic Abuse

I didn’t stay because I was afraid he would hurt me if I left. I stayed because I thought if I could find the right combination of behaviors, then I would be able to make him happy.

I watch, fearfully, sadly, and angrily as evidence of everything she said my father did to her slowly reveals itself to me.

'It's All In Your Head': Intimate Partner Violence And Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

My father was an abusive man, plain and simple.

That wasn’t all he was, but to my mother, that's who he was. He was a controlling individual who perhaps took the scripture, “Wives, submit to your husbands” a tad bit too literally — and when my mom didn’t submit, she paid the price. Often with a blow to the head.

Survivor's guilt.

Domestic Violence — The Grown-Up Years

So much has been written about domestic abuse in the media, mainly from the standpoint of the abused or the abuser. The bystanders — the children, the families that can do little but wait — are often left out.


Things You Can Do To Support Your Local Domestic Violence Shelter

The sad fact is that most local shelters are underfunded and reliant on individual donations. Supporting your local shelter is important. Aside from calling your local shelter directly and asking what their specific needs are, here is a list of things you can do:


Domestic Violence: Not Just A Female Issue

This doesn't mean that the outcomes of domestic violence are always equal; men tend to be bigger and stronger than women, and therefore are more likely to cause serious harm, even in situations where violence is reciprocal. Still, the fact that women are frequently perpetrators of violence in domestic situations substantially undermines the typical story of domestic abuse—and helps to show just how harmful that story is.

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1 In 5 Men Admit To Domestic Violence—Making It More Common Than Diabetes

A new study shows that at least one in five men admit to domestic violence. Can we say "epidemic"?

Did this woman "ask for" a brutal beating? No, no and definitely no. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Friendly Reminder: Porn Stars are Humans and Humans Never Deserve Domestic Violence

Porn star Christy Mack was brutally beaten by an ex-boyfriend. Cue the victim blaming.


NFL Suspends Running Back for Two Games After Knocking Fiance Out Cold, Calls It Justice

Baltimore Raven Ray Rice beat his fiance unconscious, but pleaded for a first time offender program. Cue victim blaming and outrage.