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We can give our children tools to empower them when they are bombarded with harmful and oppressive messages.

How To Counter The Sexist Bullsh*t Your Daughters Learn At School  

How do we, as parents, counter this deeply ingrained message that our girls and young women are supposed to look a certain way to be accepted?

A middle schooler's act of defiance has called into question the purpose of their dress code.

Lovers & Fighters In America: 6th Grader Molly Neuner Shares Why She Challenged Her School's Sexist Dress Code

The following day, instead of adhering to the dress code, Molly decided to take a stand against it. She wore another sleeveless top to school and this time she wrote a powerful message on her arm: #IAmNotADistraction. Twenty other girls at the school wore tank tops that day too to show their solidarity.

Policing young women for men's behavior is flat-out wrong.

What Does Mike Pence Have To Do With Prom Shaming?

The internet has been ablaze recently with pieces explaining why


Your Slut-Shaming Dress Code Is Distracting My Daughter From Learning 

After sorting through all of the reasons why people claim that dress codes are needed, I can't find a single one that holds any weight or that isn't founded in strangely Victorian ideals about girl's bodies.


School Dress Codes: Slut-Shaming or Empowering?

Is it wrong for school officials to tell young women what they're wearing is too sexy? Or is regulating dress code good common sense?