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This Mother's Day Let's Stop Treating Emotional Labor Like Extra-Credit Work For Men 

...[M]en get a lot of praise for the “extra-credit work” they do in regards to domestic labor (the actual house cleaning and keeping work) and emotional labor (the invisible work that ensures the rest gets done) no matter what day of the year.

I thought I was marrying my high school sweetheart, but I was actually becoming my husband's mother.

I Was My Husband's Mother For 21 Years

I was married to my own child for 21 years. I thought I was marrying my high school sweetheart, but I was actually becoming my husband's mother.

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Take The Cake: Here’s A Blank Invoice For Your Fat Girl Emotional Labor 

Fat girl trauma, brown girl trauma, sexist trauma, class trauma. It’s time to start seeing our gifts, or handout an invoice for fat girl emotional labor

Unfortunately, eating the WAHM cake isn’t always sweet.

The Work-At-Home Mom Revolution: Choice Or Trap?

When it comes to the work-at-home mom revolution, it’s important to recognize that this set up is not a choice for many mothers, it is a trap.

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What I Really Want For Valentine's Day

It’s nothing you can buy at See’s or Hallmark. You won’t see a commercial for it. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to buy a dozen roses on FTD.com than it is to do the things that women have been asking for since the dawn of time.


I'm Not Doing Emotional Labor For Past Lovers Anymore

The amount of emotional labor I had put into these pseudo-friendships was immediately swept away with one single mention of my own personal discomfort


I'm Postpartum — Please Stop Talking To Me About How I Look

There’s so much going on with a postpartum mom, so much more than meets the eye, and we need to be aware of that. Stop talking about her body!

" Our relationship doesn’t just work because we love each other unconditionally; it works because we both try hard to maintain it."

How To Be A Supportive Partner While Managing Your ADHD

Remembering to do things isn’t exactly my strong suit, so I need to actively plan so that my partner isn’t the only one making lists, cleaning the dishes, and checking that our bills are paid on time.