Fiona Apple

Music is a way to connect, a way to heal... a way of life, even.

On Using Music To Manage Mental Illness

Even when he was trying his very hardest not to survive, my Dad still gave himself music. And somewhere along the way, he gave it to me too.

The premise is pretty simple: We each give you one thing to watch, one thing to listen to, and one thing to read over the weekend.

Read/Watch/Listen To This: Chihuahua Police Chase Edition

This week includes mostly chihuahuas. You're welcome.


Offensive "Study" on Wide-Hipped Women is Dubious, Misogynistic

Some English bastards from the University of Leeds are spouting some "science" bullshit about wide-hipped being more promiscuous than their lithe lady counterparts. Why? Because they're more suitable for child-bearing!