Third Child Party Favors: My favor to you was providing booze and grilled meats. Image: Thinkstock.

To My Third Son On His First Birthday: I'm Sorry

My first child’s milestones were elaborately marked, photographed, and celebrated with much fanfare... My third child however? Not so much. His first birthday was a much quieter affair — if it could be called an affair at all.


Misty Copeland Makes History As American Ballet Theatre's First Black Principal Ballerina!

Why has it taken almost 75 years for the American Ballet Theatre to have an African American as the first principal ballerina?


Hillary Clinton Owns Instagram

Hold on: Have you seen Hillary Clinton's Instagram account yet? 


Throwback Thursday: The Salem Witch Trial’s First Victim Wore Red And Drank Alcohol

The first woman killed in the infamous witch-hunt was seemingly condemned for her refusal to adhere to Puritanical social norms.


A Woman Just Won Math’s Highest Prize for the First Time

Told as a child that she wasn’t talented at math, Maryam Mirzakhani just made history.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The First Female Country Music Star Turned the Tables on Gender Expectations

“Queen of Country” Kitty Wells paved the way for later female artists while questioning post-war women-blaming.


The First Woman Arrested for Protesting Alabama’s Bus Segregation Wasn’t Rosa Parks

Claudette Colvin was the first woman to defy the order to stand. Yet her tale has been largely lost to history.


First Woman to Beat American Ninja Warrior Course Rides Wave of Male Support

Women’s achievements on this season’s show have been stellar—as has the male response to them.