STUDY: 52% of Cheaters Say Spouse Not Fit.

52% Of Cheaters Say Their Spouse Isn't Physically Fit, 100% Of People Cheated On Say That's Stupid

Today, the email headline was “STUDY: 52% of Cheaters Say Spouse Not Fit.” If you’re a cheater it's NOT because your partner is unfit. Read...
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Having to walk carefully to avoid wedgies? Not helping any of us be our best selves. Image: Thinkstock.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Buying The Correct Size

Size, like age and salary and whatever else, is just a number. Pretending numbers don’t measure things isn’t helpful. I’m 38 years old: That isn’t Read...
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Big-Busted Ladies, Rejoice: The Reformation Launches Summer Looks for C Cups and Above

In these outfits, your cups will not runeth over. Read...
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Blindside: What's It Like to Play the Field With No Sight

Blindfolds in the bedroom can be kinky and fun. But when you can't take them off, it's a whole different story. Read...
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