Watch: Fitness Blogger Takes On Photoshop, Body Image, And Trolls

Are you 100% happy with your body? I'm not. And I bet you aren't either—survey after survey reveals that between 80 and 97% of women are unhappy with their bodies. (And men aren't immune either.)

Real comments Ho has receivedOne of the countless women who has issues with her body is fitness blogger Cassey Ho. On her blog, Ho explains that her body has been viciously attacked by Internet trolls. Some even went as far as making videos, mocking various aspects of her physique. In a painful admission, Ho tells her fans: "You may not know it, but when things get bad, I try my best to hold back my tears and tighten my mouth so that I don’t frown. But sometimes, it gets to be too much. So I break."

Thankfully, instead of breaking, Ho took action, crafting a powerful video that explores body image issues and the damning effects of trolling. Using her mirror as a pseudo-Photoshop, Ho begins to "fix" her "problem" areas as addressed by trolls. (Spoiler alert: She has virtually no problem areas.) Even her eyes are not safe from the "fix" tools. 

Ending on a powerful note, Ho begs the question: "What if I lived in a world where I could Photoshop my body in real life? Would I be happy then?" 

That's a question we could all stand to ask ourselves.




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