Entitled coffee, at its finest

How My Programmable Coffee Pot Revealed My Entitled, Jerk Self

The last episode of “MyCoffeePot & Me” aired 2 years ago when I woke up to an unresponsive pot. Read...
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Does Literary Criticism Suffer From Elitism?

We asked Flavorwire journalist Elisabeth Donnelly what she thinks about the state of literary criticism. Her answer? It's "exciting and scary." Read...
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September Is Sickle Cell Awareness Month: Get Your Knowledge-Drop!

Because no one is out there making sexy bumper stickers to raise awareness for this deadly hereditary disease, we're here to try and shed some light. Read...
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Hysterical Mom Warns About Doctors Peddling Birth Control to 12-Year-Old Girls

Moms like Christy Duffy really worry us. Here's why. Read...
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Sex + Love

Advanced Style Documentary Showcases Over-60 Fashionistas

Advanced Style, based on the blog and book, chronicles seven impossibly chic New York women. Did we mention they are all senior citizens? Read...
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