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Put simply, his platform directly addresses conditions millennials have struggled with all their lives, offering immediate change, rather than gradual proposals.

The Unique Irony Of Shaming Millennial Bernie Supporters

It’s a well-documented fact that a majority of Democrats under 30 support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. From the earliest races in the primary, he led with this demographic by huge margins, and shocked many with his emphatic popularity among millennial women, whom the Clinton campaign was understandably banking on.


3 Epic Instances Of Political Trolling In The Twitterverse

Today, Canada and Russia trolled each other on Twitter—and reminded us of other classic battles relying on hashtags and memes.


As Islamic State Violence Grows, So Does its Governing Power

The terror surrounding Islamic State's violence has long been established. But now they've begun to organize and govern their territories.

Part of the Islamic State's coat of arms (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Islamic State’s Latest Genocidal Move: Burying People Alive

Reports claim Islamic State militants have buried women and children alive as part of their mass slaughter of the Yazidi ethnic minority.