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How To Set Boundaries With A Gossipy Coworker

In a professional setting, there’s really no excuse for bad-mouthing anyway — be it your client, colleague or CEO. Read...
Admit it — you’ve done most of these things that make people hate you.

7 Things You’re Doing That Make People Hate You

If you constantly find that you’re rubbing people the wrong way, take a look at this list and consider if you’re doing any of the following seven things.


Fug Girls: Fuggin' Fabulous Blog Queens 

Real Names: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan


Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play Man With Dissociative Identity Disorder

 Another day, another gutsy role handed to Leonardo DiCaprio.


BREAKING NEWS: Uma Thurman Looks Different!

Throw your computer against the wall. Leave work. Storm the streets.


Blood-Sucking Love: Nikki Reed Engaged To Ian Somerhalder

Hold on to your wooden stakes and garlic—vampire actors are

Karlie Kloss is insecure, too (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Even Supermodels Hate The Way They Look 

You know we have a cultural problem when even Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr aren't immune to physical insecurity.

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Gossip Can Have Valuable Social Benefits—Celebrate With Missy Elliot!

Gossip, gossip, ninja just stop it.