Can We Retire "Baby It's Cold Outside" And Its Date Rape Lyrics For Good?

"Say, what's in this drink?" . . . Read...
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Credit: The Hohmann Lab

Oh Shit! How Frozen Poop Pills Could Save Your Life

Sure, poop capsules sound gross—but they could represent a significant medical industry breakthrough. Read...
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Image: Wolfgirl won't come out until the next full moon. Courtesy of Thinkstock

Go Ahead And Shave Your Snatch—The Hair Won't Grow Back Any Thicker

Science tells us that shaving is A-OK. Nice. Read...
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Watch: Americans Venture into the World of Japanese Snacks

For all who have wondered about, but never dared try, quizzical Japanese snacks: This one’s for you! Read...
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Beer, Bubblegum and Beyond: Best/Worst Deep-Fried Creations from America’s State Fairs

Weird, gross and gut-punishing? Yes, yes and yes! Read...
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Watch: Periods are a Disgusting Bloody Nightmare—Embrace It!

This parody ad shines light on a truth women know all too well: menstruation is repulsive. (But that's OK.) Read...
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Textual Tension: Is it Fair to Judge the Way Someone Texts?

The latest exploration in nitpicky love was featured on YourTango today when the staff prompted an array of women in their 20s to lament about their Read...
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