Watch: Americans Venture into the World of Japanese Snacks

It’s pretty clear that we Americans have a skeptical crush on Japanese pop culture: We’re both helplessly drawn to it, and viscerally a bit disturbed too. And our feelings toward food of the land of the rising sun are no exception.

How many times have you passed by curious-looking Japanese snacks at a grocery or convenience store, and debated whether to try the fascinating concoctions, or take your American palate right on out of there to something more closely resembling a cheeseburger?

Well this gem from Buzzfeed might help you steer through this fraught culinary territory, with their video, “Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks.” From “custard cups” to dried anchovies, it provides confusion, horror and delight all wrapped up for your edification.

One thing’s for sure: We’ve got real weak stomachs when it comes to fish.



Image: YouTube 

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