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 I yearn for intimacy. Image: Thinkstock.

Sex And Intimacy Are Not The Same Thing

Sex is an activity. It’s something we can choose to do or not do — and the passion, the love, the intimacy, those are all different qualities we can ascribe to it based on how it happens and who it’s with. Sex doesn’t have any inherent morality or intimacy, it’s solely about those involved.

Odd are much higher for romantic success if we put FOMO aside.

Does Hookup Culture Make Anyone Happy?

To her own admitted surprise, Fessler discovered that meaningless, detached hookups were emphatically not bringing any kind of bliss to college women.


Offensive "Study" on Wide-Hipped Women is Dubious, Misogynistic

Some English bastards from the University of Leeds are spouting some "science" bullshit about wide-hipped being more promiscuous than their lithe lady counterparts. Why? Because they're more suitable for child-bearing!