People all around the world in over 600 cities stood up, many for the first time, ready to be heard. (Image: Bryn Huntpalmer)

The Women’s March On Washington: White Women, It's Time To Walk The Walk

When I saw the plans for the Women's March on Washington, I immediately made plans to attend the local march in my hometown of Austin; but after a few flight checks and discussing logistics with my husband (we have two young kids), I decided to go to D.C. I texted a few of my girlfriends and one of them got on board as well. I finally had something to look forward to, a tiny glimmer of joy after the awful reality we were handed on November 8th.

Obama's words remain true.

#RavsRadar: On Obama's Last Day, His Slogan Holds True - 'Yes, We Can'

It is January 19, 2017. It is the last day of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency.

People with disabilities are one of the largest minority groups and one that gets easily overlooked

Why Trump’s Inauguration Is Personal For Some People With Disabilities

To the man taking the wheel in this country: as a person with a disability, I feel like I’m nothing and THAT terrifies me.


Celebrate Maya Angelou (and Love) with this Luscious Poem

Ms. Angelou may be gone, but her stirring words live on.