For now, I’m a boy, and I’m a mama, and those seemingly contradictory truths are things I can accept about myself.

When I Realized I Was Trans, I Still Wanted To Be Mama

When I finally realized I was trans, it was after almost a year and a half of therapy, a lot of trauma, and after becoming a parent. Read...
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Teaching your children the value of all cultures instead of just your culture will help them to include those who have different backgrounds.

5 Ways To Raise Inclusive Kids

One way to combat negative outcomes post-election is to raise more inclusive children. Read...
At 12 and 10 years old, my girls are still in the age range where society tells me that I should be presenting a polished version of myself to them. Image: Thinkstock.

3 Reasons I Refuse To Hide My Feelings From My Daughters

The reality is that any person I love, including my daughters, can deeply hurt my feelings. Does this mean that I hold my daughters to the same level Read...
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Is this too much to ask?

Trans Inclusivity: A How-To

Far from being the kind of monsters and predators some groups would have you believe, trans people are simply human beings who have to alter their Read...
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Twin Galaxies Owner Jace Hall Speaks Out On Inclusivity In Competitive Gaming

"It’s better to simply, through action, demonstrate that everybody’s included." Read...
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