Justin Bieber

What is even HAPPENING here? (image credit: Justin Bieber via Instagram)

Justin Bieber Posts Like 25 Instagram Photos In One Hour (Ain't No One Mad, But Maybe Confused?)

Mostly at this point I'm just wondering if Justin has lost his damn mind.

Image: Amy Pence-Brown

Hey Bieber, I Can "Love Myself" Without Your Direction, TYVM

I'm an original fan of Justin Bieber, back when he was a young YouTube sensation with catchy tunes. Given the changes in the world surrounding body positivity over the past year, I was initially excited to hear he had a new very popular song out titled Love Yourself from his 2015 album PURPOSE. I was all ready to praise him and buy the CD. Until I heard the lyrics.

Frankly, I’m not interested in talking about how Justin Bieber really feels, because I don’t know — I CAN'T know. Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Bieber Doesn't Owe Us Anything — Especially Not His Mental Health

The public response to and media coverage of Bieber’s announcement is just run-of-the-mill celebrity gossip. Star makes major decision. Star disappoints fans. Star having some feels. Is star headed towards total collapse? We’re so used to this that we might ignore what’s really being said: that people’s experiences are up for debate, that some people’s pain is real and others’ is fake, that only some people deserve to have their boundaries respected.


Celebrity Mea Culpa: Grading the Apologies of Justin Bieber and Jonah Hill

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Listful Thinking: 3 Petitions that are Way More Important Than Justin Bieber Getting Sent Back to Canada

The White House has responded to a crazy-popular petition to deport Bieber. Why not focus our precious time on this earth with petitions of actual importance instead? Citizens and journalists of America, we hereby petition you to be and do better.


Why We Boo Celebrities Like Justin Bieber

Both the Biebs and The Bachelor's Juan Pablo were booed over the weekend. Isn't is time we moved on from this barbaric expression of displeasure?


The Saga of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Cut Those Crazy Kids a Break!

The Biebs has made a public plea on Instagram to get Gomez back (again). Sure, this seems insane, but when it comes to young love, such behaviors are actually totally normal.


Justin Bieber DUI Video: More Proof He Sucks (And So Do We)

Media outlets have gotten their hands on a "scandalous" video of the Biebs failing a DUI walking test. Now they want footage of him peeing in a cup. Why...and again, WHY?