Lingerie for an active lifestyle

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Tights with control top: We may have gone a little overboard. A few too many beers. Several too many pizza deliveries.


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Underpants are how you dress your CLITORIS! Your clitoris desires something fancy, don’t you think? Something soft and slinky or lacy and feminine or red and racy.


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By wearing and carefully selecting gorgeous lingerie every day, you develop a better sense of balance — a more conscious life.

Why can't all lingerie be this easy?

Lingerie: Now Available Without An Instruction Manual 

How are you supposed to get in it without pulling a muscle or taking a class that teaches the fine art of contortionism?


Russian Undie Ban Update: Is Economic Woe Just Around the Corner?

In America, “Panties for the President” would probably have more to do with boundaryl-ess females (and a bevy of boys)