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Fiction Friday: Grass

Years from now, it’ll still be growing fast and long, the way it grows in summer even when there’s been no rain. Read...

SPAGHETTIFICATION: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

For thirteen days, we have walked near each other, but not too near. Read...
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The Offering: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

Truth was, the chili gave me indigestion, but I couldn’t hang around without buying anything. Read...
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Assemblage: Fiction from Luna Luna

She leans in over the pedestal sink, turns the cold water spigot off, and peers at the half of her face that remains. Her face has been torn in two. Read...

Naming The Dead: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

My little sister would name every dead animal that we came across. This is not how to grieve. This is not how to behave with animals. Read...
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Why We Should Thank The Girl Gamers Of The '90s

I didn’t want 100 lives. I wanted a badass, muscle-sporting chick to play with. Read...
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Letters to Castro: Fiction from Luna Luna magazine

While we don’t have that much in common—mostly that I’m not a famous dictator—I suspect we could talk for days. Read...

Imperatives: A Flash Fiction Breakup from Luna Luna Magazine

We had moved in together fast. I brought a silver tea service and a Persian rug, student loans and a pair of ragged cats. We settled in like it was Read...