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I Was Determined To Breastfeed, But Nothing Went As Planned

Imagining breastfeeding my baby, was my one oasis in a pregnancy during which nothing went according to plan. Read...
Postpartum Self-Care (image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart)

Rav’s Repro: Postpartum Self-Care 

Self-care can be a challenge for many of us. Add a newborn and a body recovering from childbirth, and postpartum self-care gets a whole lot tougher.

I wanted to share my experience with what it’s like when you bring that baby home from the NICU.

Rav's Repro: Bringing A Baby Home From The NICU

As NICU Awareness Month comes to a close, I wanted to share my experience with what it’s like when you bring that baby home from the NICU.

You are also able to go long stretches without showering, and still smell clean.

5 Ways Having a Newborn Makes You Feel Superhuman

My fingers are currently grazing the keyboard as my arms reach around my four week old, who happens to be strapped to my chest in our BabyBjorn – which has been my saving grace these days. She’s sleeping soundly, but just moments ago she was wailing (I’m speculating that I have a colicky baby on my hands) and this is the only way that I can get my work done. No shower yet today (it’s 1 pm, gross), pretty much all I’ve eaten is a quick bowl of oatmeal (and of course coffee) and have been up for the day since 5am (plus countless feeding during the night). But I’m chugging forward. Yup, being a mom of a newborn makes me feel superhuman.


Babies: Adorable Mischief Makers! New Theory On Why Babies Cry At Night

A new study is questioning why babies cry all night and generally exhaust their parents... and no it's not because they're hungry, wet, lonely or scared. It's way more calculated—we're talking Stewie-style world domination.


The 43-hour Birth that Everyone's Talking About

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