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Melissa Broder: Author Of The Pisces And Your Favorite Twitter Account

You’ve probably already retweeted her and didn’t even know it. Melissa Broder started off as the anonymous @SoSadToday Twitter account. Read...
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Must Read: The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory

He was sleeping on the roof of ABC No Rio like me and a bunch of other summer campers and transients. It was tent city up there. Read...
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From GED to Ph.D: How I Made It 

My biggest dream was to graduate high school. To this day, my GED is the diploma I am the most proud of. Read...
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6 Literary References In Popular Songs You Probably Never Knew About

Only literature nerds understand the exquisite joy that comes from hearing a book reference in a popular song. Read...
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Happy Birthday, E.E. Cummings!

Get savvy on the acclaimed writer and poet—it won't take long, his poems are short. Read...
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Of Course One Republic has a Music Video for The Giver

Get psyched for the film’s upcoming release with these teasers set to a predictably poppy tune. Read...
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6 Literary References in Popular Songs You Probably Never Knew About

We already knew Lana Del Rey loves literature references. Turns out, so do Muse, Led Zeppelin and Mumford & Sons. Read...
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Watch: Epic Rap Battle Between Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King

Bookworms will love this YouTube rap throwdown between a pair of literary masters. Read...
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