What The Bu actually appears to support and donate to are organizations that engage in size-based oppression to the detriment of fat people.

Kombucha With A Side Of Fat Shaming 

Bu Kombucha's message on their bottle, “Health is our priority. The Bu supports and donates to organizations that fight obesity.”

Should you drink coffee while pregnant?

Studies Show Yet Another Way In Which Everything Is My Fault

As if parenting isn’t hard enough, here comes another group of scientists bent on making us feel terrible for yet another thing.

Um, yuck.

Take The Cake: 'This American Life' Is Really Bad At Talking About Fat

Though there was useful commentary, deeply personal stories, and some incisive observations, my problem with the episode is that it ultimately repeats a harmful framework:
Fat people (nearly all women) were on trial and up for observation (their privacy already considered non-existent) — not the fatphobic bias that had so clearly shaped their lives.


Shocker: Weight-Loss Programs Don't Work!

So, you know those magic weight loss supplements are bogus. Right?

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Calorie Labels For Booze? No, Thanks!

The UK is considering calorie labels for alcoholic beverages. But what's so bad about drinking sans guilt?


Dr. Oz Appears Before Senate, Gets Smacked Down

Dr. Oz's wow-inducing weight loss claims may make for good TV, but do nothing to improve health. (But don't worry, the Senate's on it.)


Smart, Fat and Complacent: America Knows Better, So Why Are We Still Obese?

We know it and hate to say it. Americans have gained a well-earned reputation around the world for being heavyweights when it comes to our waistlines—but in a country saturated with information, why can't we change our habits?


44,000 Medical Articles Were Written on Diabetes and Obesity in 2013 and We're Still Diabetic and Obese

Over 44,000 scholarly articles on obesity and diabetes were penned in 2013, yet the number of people suffering from these and other weight-related