Jessie Fetterling

Jessie Fetterling


Jessie is a writer and editor living in the San Francisco Bay Area who's covered everything from travel to sustainable living to architecture at four different media companies. When she's not traveling, she can be found hiking along the Pacific Coast or pouring Kansas City barbecue sauce on food she just cooked.

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Planned Parenthood Teaches Teens About Consent, Safe Sex, Gender Identity—Cue The Outrage

Parents and Fox News are up in arms about sex-ed teachings I could've desperately used in my own youth.


Lisa Donnelly: Singer-Songwriter

love song guru. maternal force. globe-trotter.


Elizabeth Falkner: Celebrity Chef, Lifelong Athlete 

Who else practices sword fitness skills before a competition?


Ayelet Waldman: Author

world war ii scribe. master ball-juggler. "bad mother" . . but not.

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Anxiety Can Go Fuck Itself

Like millions of other women, I struggle every day with anxiety. But not anymore. Fuck it.

The writer, center, wearing a University of Kansas Jayhawks shirt with her friends

I Hate The Politics Of The Home State I Love

As a Kansas native, Governor Sam Brownback's anti-LGBT rights stance makes me embarrassed and sad.


Marji Guyler-Alaniz: Founder & President, FarmHer

photographer. farmer. advocate for women in agriculture.

Malala Yousafzai and May-Britt Moser

Malala Yousafzai And May-Britt Moser Become Latest Women To Accept Nobel Prize

Only 5% of Nobel Prize winners in history have been female—making the accomplishment of these two women all the more remarkable.

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Apple And Facebook To Cover Egg Freezing For Employees—But Is It Really A Perk?

The tech giants are ostensibly supporting fertility options for female employees. But is the move really good for women?