obsessive compulsive disorder

Having a compulsive need to workout is a struggle to overcome.

I Skipped The Gym & That's Okay

Living with OCD and overcoming compulsions or obsessions is not a linear process. I’ve had several bouts of compulsions in my life, and even if I’ve resolved one, it’s likely another will reveal itself or I’ll relapse. Likewise, disordered behaviors around food and exercise are inherently not rational. Recognizing these behaviors is a start, but the work to move from acknowledgement to action and change has only just begun!

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Dear Neurotypical People: Please Stop Gatekeeping OCD

During a psychology lecture in 2012, I casually mumbled to a friend that the optical illusions on the teacher's slides were “messing with my OCD,”

OCD is way more complicated than organized mugs.

OCD Week With Ravishly's Resident Mental Health Ladies

When I was little, any time I got an insect bite or stubbed my toe, I had to ask my mom, “Am I going to die? If I was going to die from this, I’d already be dead — right?” I also had a 30-minute prayer that I needed to say at each meal or else everyone would be poisoned and die. And corners. I had to check all of them before I went to bed.