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9 Reasons Hillary Can't Become President (Mostly Because We're All Gonna Die If She Does)

If the news headlines are to be believed, Hillary announcing her presidency is the official beginning of a harrowing apocalypse.

Michele Fiori

Nevada Lawmaker: "Hot Little Girls" Need Guns To Stop Rape

Also this week in "pantsuit politics": Rand Paul makes a ridiculous parody Hillary Clinton Pinterest page.

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This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Croatia Elects Its First Woman President

Also this week: A congresswoman will deliver the GOP's response to the State of the Union, and Hillary gets a . . . spiteful coloring book?


This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Barbara Boxer Announces Retirement

The confrontational congresswoman will not be seeking re-election. In other news: right-wing pundits have taken Hillary ire to new depths.


2014's Baddest Female Politicians

They came, they conquered. And the political world is better for it.


This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Blind, Trans Parliamentary Candidate Fights Back Against The Haters

Emily Brothers takes on The Sun . . . and wins. Also this week: Republican politicians raise a valid point, and will Hills ever run?


This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Hillary Clinton Country Music Video Is Delightfully Weird

Also this week: Meet the Afghan politician not backing down after a suicide bomb attack, and the Moroccan mayor topping a Forbes power list.

Harriet Harman, looking fierce

This Week in Pantsuit Politics: Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton—and an Ode to Harriet Harman

Over the last few days, Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Barry and Harriet Harman have demanded our attention. Here's why.