Pope Francis

Image of Father Vincenzo Taraborelli from BBC News

Ever Wanted To Perform An Exorcism? Now's Your Chance!

If you are looking for a slightly spooky career change this Halloween season, I’m here to tell you that the Catholic Church is looking for a few good… exorcists.


Pope Francis Considers Birth Control In Wake Of The Zika Virus

In the latest example of Pope Francis being more connected with reality than pretty much anyone else in Catholic leadership, the Holy Father sugges

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Red, White And News: John Boehner, Who is He? And Why Should I Care?

The workings of Congress are pretty fascinating. If you like The Borgias, The Tudors, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, then following the seemingly innocuous happenings in DC is a fascinating enterprise. You know that this is where the real action happens.


150 Homeless Folks Invited To A Private Tour Of The Sistine Chapel

Sometimes it's really (really) difficult to remember the good in our world.


As Islamic State Violence Grows, So Does its Governing Power

The terror surrounding Islamic State's violence has long been established. But now they've begun to organize and govern their territories.


Holy LGBTQ! Presbyterian Church Will Now Perform Gay Marriages

Thanks to the Presbyterian Church, progress marches on.


Catholic High Schoolers Protest After Homophobic Nun's Speech

Usually when people say, "children are the future," everyone panics. In this instance, we cheered.


Hypocrisy, Not Just for Politicians Anymore! Meet the Bishop of Bling

German bishop dropped a blasphemous $43 million on renovations for his home—sadly, he's not the only corrupt figurehead.