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Five Ways We Can Stand In Our Power 

This isn’t an essay about how “woke” I am — instead, it’s a journey of reclamation and standing in my power, which started with my getting sober. Read...
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What To Do When You Realize You Accidentally Joined A Cult ​

20 years later, it is still an experience that I am actively deconstructing. Why? Because I joined a cult. And maybe have too. If so, here’s how to Read...
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Getting Over My Good Girl Syndrome

I was a good girl from the start. Now I am speaking up, setting boundaries, saying no to the things I don’t want and yes to the things that I do. Read...
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It’s not enough to simply declare you aren’t a racist. Anti-racism is an active force seeking to unlearn, decolonize and restructure. Image: author.

Can The 'Angry Black Guy' Have White Friends?

It’s easy for folks in America to get angry but it’s incredibly difficult to get them to stay angry. To transfer anger to hope. And to participate in Read...
Wisdom Amouzou of The Good Men Project    |   08.2.16   |   SHARE

New GoldieBlox Video Challenges Beauty Standards—But Is Everyone Really "Beautiful"?

Instead of pretending everyone can be beautiful (they can't), why not challenge the very value of beauty? Read...
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Wells Fargo Employee Sends Income Inequality Email To CEO—And 200,000 Employees

To fight the injustice of inequitable compensation at one of the world's largest corporations, Tyrel Oates took matters into his own hands. Read...
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How One Woman Took The Lead In Papal-Ruled Rome

Marozia of Rome was probably a terrible person. But she did have chutzpah. Read...
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Do We Really Only Use 10% of Our Brains?

The Scarlett Johannson thriller "Lucy" imagines what a person could accomplish with all brain-cylinders running. But are we actually already there? Read...
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