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How To Manage Anxiety In Trump’s America

At times it feels as if the whole foundation of our country is crumbling into dust. Here are tips for managing anxiety in Trump's America.

Protests make the democratic process fun.

Why I Brought My Kids To A Political Protest 

“Anyone have tips for bringing a kid to a political protest?” one of my friends posted on Facebook. Protests make the democratic process fun.

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UNR President's Response To Nazi Student Is Exactly The Kind Of White Nonsense We Don't Need

There is a time to be prudent and fair to “many sides” of an issue, but dealing with Nazis is not that time.

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Heather Heyer's Mom Shares An Important Message That Leaves Us In Tears

There is no more devastating experience than the loss of a child. 

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Bada** Plus-Size Woman Strips In The Mall (And Makes A Pretty Excellent Point)

Would you blame any fat woman for insisting that she be considered?

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Protest Is Patriotic! An Independence Day Celebration Of Good-Ol' American Resistance

Regardless of what the word around us may want you to believe, protest and resistance are two of the most patriotic things that a person can do. To desire better for yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors, and your country is a good thing


International Women's Day 2017: We Stand With You, Including You Who Can't Or Won't Strike

We are fortunate to be able to ignore our work today, and mindful of those who cannot.

The good news: your call WILL BE short.

Tips For Calling Your Reps If You're Nervous, Socially Awkward, Or Phone-Phobic

With the country spiraling deeper into a fascist hellscape on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep track of all the things to be outraged abo