Bada** Plus-Size Woman Strips In The Mall (And Makes A Pretty Excellent Point)

image credit: Daily Mail and THIS AMAZING LADY

image credit: Daily Mail and THIS AMAZING LADY

Today, in Heroes Of The World: This lady.

Wanna get noticed? Get naked.

Bless up.

There’s no protest like a naked protest. This didn’t happen in America, but after the shit news of yesterday, I really wish it had.

Last week we had Natalie Hage shutting down a prick on an airplane. This week, a naked lady in a mall.

Fat girls, represent.

I don’t know why this woman was naked in the mall, but I do know that if you want to be seen you either have to be naked, stop traffic, or jump off a bridge. She chose naked.

The Daily Mail that shared the story said, “It is thought that she was taking part in an 'anti-fat shaming' protest.” Why are there single quotes around that? Like it's not an actual thing? IT IS A THING. 

This woman (can I get an amen) parked herself right between two mannequins in a mall in Kent (which is in the UK), stripped down, donned a bleach blonde wig, and blew every shopper’s mind.


Fat people are pretty much always relegated to the back corner of every damn store (unless it’s a plus-size store, of which there are like three). Do you blame her for wanting to be seen in a sea of unreasonably thin, plastic women?

Would you blame any fat woman for insisting that she be considered? It must be a real bitch to live in a world where airplane seatbelts are too short, restaurant booths are too small, people are rude as shit, and you can’t even find a damn dress that fits.

Fat women will almost never be the front and center mannequin unless they are naked in protest. To which I say, GET IT.

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