Trump-eared dog (image credit @JVR1992)

This Dog Has A Cyst That Looks Like Donald Trump

Our President has been reduced to a sac of pus. That's how bad things have gotten. Yup, my dog has a cyst that looks like Donald Trump!

image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

This Woman Got Stuck In A Window Trying To Rescue Wayward Poop

The woman freed the poop, and firefighters were able to free the woman. No word yet on the retrieval of her dignity.

image credit: Daily Mail and THIS AMAZING LADY

Bada** Plus-Size Woman Strips In The Mall (And Makes A Pretty Excellent Point)

Would you blame any fat woman for insisting that she be considered?

"The vibrant capital has thrived socially and economically because of multiculturalism." Image: Pexels

Post-Brexit London Has Been Scary. Here's Why I Still Feel Hope.

Two weeks after the UK voted out of the European Union, the dust has not yet settled. With the PM quitting, the Sterling dropping, and no apparent Brexit-plan — the aftermath has left many feeling uncertain. In a tense climate of racial commentary and unprecedented abuse, Brexit, thus far, has not been favourable.


For Sale: A Herd Of Cute Sheep On The Welsh Countryside — All For $1.45

Ever feel sick of it all? Want to run away from home?


Rossalyn Warren: BuzzFeed Star, Badass Women Aficionado

internet journalism wunderkind. twitter visionary. women in media advocate.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Best Predictor Of Scottish Referendum Vote Was . . . Grindr?

Move over, Nate Silver; Grindr users are in the house.