Photo: Abeer Al-Kubaisi, courtesy of MIGA.

Swimsuits Inspired By Scars Are Changing How We Talk About Disfigurement

Mendiola chose to design swimwear as a way to change the narrative surrounding societal beauty standards and physical differences. Read...
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My scars will always be at my feet, but the blame for how they got there no longer is.

Learning To Accept My Scars Means Learning To Love Myself

Perhaps the reason I’m so self-conscious about people seeing my ankles is that I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that the scars were my own Read...
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Mondays With Matt

Mondays With Matt: Dealing With Folks Staring At Your Body In Public

Matt talks about how to deal with being stared at. 
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My tattoos have become a protective buffer against self-injury and an important step in refashioning my journey toward wellness. Image: Thinkstock.

How Tattoos Helped Me Recover From Self-Injury

[CN: cutting, dissociation, auditory hallucinations] I struggle with the need to have physical, visible proof of my inner world. That’s when I Read...
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In The Wake Of My Mastectomy, I Got A Tattoo

To the tattoo artist, I was a flesh canvas that she could transform into something beautiful. Read...
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Ummm, did the token Asian call in sick? Courtesy of Colleen Criss

Why Dove's "Real" Beauty Campaign is a Load of Crap

A father began a petition asking Dove to fess up to their Photoshopping. Request? Denied. Read...
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