Hell Hath No Fury: The 5 Craziest Cheating Revenge Stories

Was it worth it? Decide for yourself. Read...
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 This would be Ben, not the intruder. Courtesy of ThinkStock

Confession: An Intruder Ruined My Date

By this point, I was pretty sure one dude would kill the other. If Ben died, there would be no fourth date. Read...
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Courtesy of by user Reed

When South Korean Culture Celebrates 'No Means Yes'

Cult classic Oldboy illustrates complex socio-sexual morays among South Korean society. Read...
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"White people traditions are so majestic." Courtesy of YouTube
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Damn it. I liked that bar. (Credit: Facebook)

What Happens When An Earthquake Strikes The Place Where You Grew Up?

I'm from Napa, the epicenter for a recent 6.0 magnitude quake that challenged my ideas about Mother Nature and human nature. Read...
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Today In Disturbing Science News: Spiders Are Bigger In Cities

Australian researchers had a hunch from the portly creepy crawlies they noticed in Sydney—so they set out to prove your worst fear. Read...
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New Delhi in Crisis: Bands of Rhesus Monkeys Terrorize Population

Thinking of vacationing in India this summer? You may want to avoid New Dehli and its out-of-control gangs of bullying monkeys. Read...
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Watch: Man Uses Swiffer for Kitchen Owl Removal

The owl looked none too pleased to endure this intervention, but thanks to Proctor & Gamble, disaster was averted. Read...
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