The Latest Internet Sensation? A Nightmare-Inducing Owl-Cat Named Atchoum

From ancient Egyptians worshipping felines to our modern obsession with Internet cat videos, humans have a long and storied history of admiring cats. The latest feline star to captivate the masses? Atchoum. 

Atchoum looks like a monstrous combination of owl, cat, and Gandalf. Virtually nothing he does is remotely cute—unless, of course, your idea of "cute" involves the demonic underbelly of Dante's seventh circle of hell. More frightening still, this ferocious-looking feline is only nine months old. Cats are supposed to be stupid cute at that age. If Atchoum looks this crazy now, how will he look when he's older still?! Nevertheless, Atchoum has quite a social media following, even earning over 14,000 followers on Facebook. 

According to his owner, Nathalie, Atchoum is a "loving" pet. You know, kind of like what you told your parents about that drug-peddling boyfriend of your youth. Though, let's get one thing straight: Nathalie and Atchoum live in Canada

Alas. It all makes sense.

Image: Twitter 

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