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I’m not a trend setter or a trend follower; I have my own fashion sense that’s completely independent of what’s splashing across Instagram — although I am very in favor of the pastel hair dye trend.

Why I’ll Never Give Up My 90s Bangs

Some people would say my bangs make me look younger and I should grow them out, but I disagree. My bangs don’t magically change my appearance, but my forehead feels naked without them.


I Don't Like Being Naked — Don't Judge Me

All that to say, I’ve seen my share of naked bodies. I am glad that there are spaces where people can feel comfortable disrobing, and when we pass through such a beach, I find it normal. I simply have no desire to join them.

For me, appreciating my body for all it is, all it’s done, and all it’s capable of was about so much more than sexuality. Image: Lori Garcia

The Shy Girl's Guide To Boudoir Photography

It’s OK to do something you normally wouldn’t do and for some reason, giving myself weird “permission” was what I needed. While it was true that Lori wouldn’t normally do something like this, maybe that was the exact reason she should.


Boobs vs. Brains: Making Amends With My Complicated Body

When I got boobs, I also got a body. A body that was (and is) not skinny.


Derriere Duty: The Downside of Being Curvy

I am not Kim Kardashian. But I look like Kim Kardashian. There are a million songs about my body, but very few songs about me.


Beauty's In the Eye of the Beholder (And Other American Myths)

As Americans we have fallen prey to a particular "look" —namely white and thin—and suffer from an inability to shatter it. The result? A backhanded compliment of the hybrid variety: “You’re pretty . . . for a black girl.”