sexual harassment

I don’t even know what he looked like. I was so focused on not making eye contact that I didn’t get a good look at him.

The Internal Monologue Of A Woman Being Groped At A Concert

No matter how drunk he is, he can’t NOT notice this. His hand is moving. What do I do? What do I do? Do I politely ask him to stop? Do I yell at him? Do I wheel around and whack him in the face? You don’t know what he’s doing, Jody. Calm down. Don’t make a scene.

Hands off, buddy.

All Of These Things Are Sexual Harassment

I, like far too many women in this country and the world, have had a wide variety of experiences involving sexual harassment.


Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice: The Dangerous Myth Of Boys Being Boys

Why does our culture rush to the defense and rationalization of boys' sexual aggression, when it’s clearly at the expense of girls?


"Little Slut": A Tale Of Teenage Sexual Harassment

During dinner one night Abe turned to me calmly and asked, "Giana, are you having sex yet? I'm curious." I nearly spit out my food.


I Discovered My High School Hook Up Is A Maybe Pedophile

I don’t know why, but I recently Googled him and saw the requisite Facebook page with pictures of his wife and son. Then I found something disturbing.


A For Women By Women Taxi Service Sounds Great, But Will It Actually Combat Sexual Harassment?

There’s undoubtedly a need for services that provide safe transportation sans harassment, but SheRides might run into some glaring roadblocks.


Daily Quote: Buenos Aires Mayor Says Cat-Calling is Awesome

Today's Daily Quote is nothing short of slap-worthy. Buenos Aires Mayor, Mauricio Macri, announced to the world that he's a misogynistic nightmare.


A Walk in Her Shoes: Riveting UN Video Reveals the Tragedy of Sexual Harassment in Egypt

It's one thing to know about a culture of sexual harassment. It's another to experience that culture from the vantage point of a woman enduring the abuse.