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Stop Blaming Parents For Our Lack Of Self-Care

When I have to pick between doing what’s best for my kid and doing what’s best for me, most of the time, I’m going to pick my child. Read...
Parent-shaming has exploded in recent years.

Parent-Shaming Is Changing The Way We Raise Children

Parent-shaming has exploded in recent years. The advent of social media has made it easier than ever to shame strangers anonymously.

As parents, we don’t always have the means to do everything we’d like to do. But that doesn’t mean we have to lie down and quit living.

I’m A Selfish Mom & I Refuse To Feel Guilty For It​

Yes, I was being a selfish mom, I told her. But that didn’t make me wrong. People are constantly telling me to sacrifice my wellbeing for my kids.

Should you drink coffee while pregnant?

Studies Show Yet Another Way In Which Everything Is My Fault

As if parenting isn’t hard enough, here comes another group of scientists bent on making us feel terrible for yet another thing.

This article being shared everywhere calls all of us apparently awful parents to action with a heafty load of good ol' fashioned parenting shaming.

Enough With The Finger-Wagging Parenting-Shaming

There's an article currently being shared. It calls all of us apparently awful parents to action with a heafty load of good ol' fashioned parenting shaming.

“Fat activism is one of the few branches of social justice in which fellow activists seem to feel entitled to comment, degrade, harass, and otherwise police the bodies of their peers.” - Ashley Nell Tipton

In Defense Of Body Positive Fat People Who Lose Weight

Maintaining a “healthy” lifestyle can be difficult. Being a body positive fat person on a weight loss journey can be complicated!

The Body Positive Movement is a movement that’s about autonomy.

We Need To Stop Policing Body Positivity

I feel equipped to talk about the intricacies of the body positivity movement; for with all its beauty and empowerment, there are aspects of body positivity that try to control how others view and treat their bodies. Though I understand the intention, behavior like this flies in the face of the ideals the movement is trying to create. Put simply: it's time we stop trying to police body positivity.

Let them eat.

Stop Fat-Shaming My Toddler

I say this: Stop fat-shaming my toddler son. Fat will not make him fat. Fat does not make him unhealthy.