Sheryl Sandberg

Bitter. Bossy. Nasty. Bitch: Compliments to strong women everywhere.

From Bossy To Bitter: How The Narratives We Tell Girls Change As They Age

If bossy is for little girls beginning to experience their power, bitter is for women who have realized theirs.


Paul Ryan Earns "Lean In" Award, Still Doesn't Care About Your Family Time

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, author of The Rich White Woman's Guide To Succeeding Within The Patriarchy Lean In,

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What Sheryl Sandberg Has Wrong About Dads

If I were a dude, the presumption that fathers don't take as active a parenting role as mothers, full stop, would anger me.


Newsflash: Wage Gap Rages On! Now What Can We Do About It?

Data out of the White House reconfirms the robustness of the gender wage gap. Fortunately, there are (limited) ways to tackle it.


Beyonce, Sheryl Sandberg, Jane Lynch Get Behind a Ban on Bossy

An awesome new campaign aims to delete a dirty word from the vernacular of people talking about successful women.


Lena Dunham’s Book Cover: Rockin' Seventies Font Worthy of Didion and Other Literary Greats

This October, Girls wunderkind Lena Dunham will extend her super influential reach with an essay collection, Not That Kind of Girl. We wer