There’s one custom which I really must rebel: having to take off my shoes when I go to someone’s house.

Our Shoes Ourselves: An Argument Against Take-Off-Your-Shoes Houses

There’s one custom which I really must rebel: having to take off my shoes when I go to someone’s house. Take away my shoes, and you cut me off!

My tendonitis has healed, but I can't risk it recurring just because I want people to like the way I look as I whiz — or amble — by.

Running, In Style: The Endless Quest For A Not-Ugly Running Shoe

I wish that function and style didn’t have to be mutually exclusive for sport. Can’t I have a running shoe that's pretty? Or at least unobtrusive?

I have found that with age, I have become much more practical about what suits me and what doesn’t, while still attempting to keep an open mind.

6 Summer Shoes That Are Sensible AND Stylish

In fashion, the mantra is “never say never.” Never claim that you’ll never wear it, because that's the easiest way to end up eating your words, prancing about in a style you once referred to as “unsuitable.”


Meet Thesis Couture: The Comfortable Stiletto 

Heels hurt. They just do. But there may be hope, yet.

Left, left, left right left...

Off The Cuff: I Need Some Cool, Comfy Shoes For My Walk To Work

I grew up way out in the country, and lying in bed at night I used to gaze out my window and think, “Maybe someday I’ll live in a cool apartment in the city where I can walk to stuff.” That was literally my big dream of far-off adulthood.

Metallic flats. Sturdy AND stylish!

Off The Cuff: Do Fancy, Comfortable Shoes Exist?

When you’re shopping for shoes for a fancy event, it’s easy to assume that a super high heel is required for a shoe to feel dressed up enough, but that’s not necessarily the case. I’m happy to report that “sensible shoes” and “cute shoes” are not mutually exclusive terms.

Queen Bee. The One and Only Beyoncé

Beyoncé Buys A House For Her Feet

Yesterday it was Lenny's penis, today it

Don't trip. Credit: YouTube

They Look Cool In The New Disney Trailer . . . But Were Cinderella's Slippers Really Made Of Glass?

The new live action Cinderella flick boasts some gorg glass slippers . . . possibly because squirrel fur slippers aren't as flashy.