I thought dressing for my body type was a rule I should consider, but it’s just another form of body-shaming.

I Wore "Unflattering" Clothing For My Body Type For A Week

Following rules to avoid drawing attention to a particular body shape or size is the equivalent to admitting that having a certain body type is Read...
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The implications of heightism, height prejudice, are broad and troubling.

On Heightism: My Child Is More Than Adorable

Heightism. It sounds like a politically correct buzzword, but it’s a real prejudice. The implications of height prejudice are broad and troubling. Read...
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3 minute yoga with Joni

3 Minute Yoga With Joni: For Moms Short On Time And Sanity

HI! I'm Joni Edelman, Editor-In-Chief here at Ravishly. Parenting is some hard shit. Join me in a quick yoga practice to keep you ready for Read...
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David with his taller friends

Little Wonder: Stupid Things People Say To Short People

Even when I explained to my son that he came from a long line of short people, it didn’t help. David still felt bad about being small. How could a Read...
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Flash Fiction: They'll Be Dehydrated

One crawled up the side of the bag and opened her wings, a hardtop convertible with legs. Read...
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5 Facts About Zoophiles In Aftermath Of #DolphinLover Controversy

Bestiality: five syllables nobody really likes to utter. Especially in the same sentence as tolerance or consent. Read...
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