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Snapchat's Rihanna Joke Isn't Harmless — It's A Slap In The Face To Domestic Violence Survivors

Abuse is rampant in this country and Snapchat, with the power to influence millions of users, has done nothing to educate, illuminate, or eradicate Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   03.15.18   |   SHARE
That’s when I decided that Snapchat shows me how I look to other people — which is pretty damn gorgeous!

Self-Love And Snapchat: Loving Yourself On Valentine’s Day

That’s when I decided that Snapchat shows me how I look to other people — which is pretty damn gorgeous! And then, I felt the self-love start to Read...
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"After five minutes of show-and-tell instructions, some changes to my settings, and a little strategic screen-tapping, I was enlightened to the possibilities." Image: author

Joining Snapchat In Your 30s And Other Clues You're Bad At Being A Millennial

Having been born in 1982, I qualify as a member of the millennial generation, but just by a hair. Often, I feel like an old lady, sometimes the last Read...
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I immediately took to FB, calling out to my tribe, “Who wants to see my ass?” Image: Joni Edelman.

The Power Of MomSnap: AKA Why I Send My Friends Snapchat N00ds

We are still sharing our days in all the ways we usually share days — talking about kids, bills, dinner, stress. And now we are sharing the times we Read...
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"I wonder what creepy Internet hacker is going to do with this later?" Credit: Thinkstock

A Reminder In The Wake Of Snapchat Leak: Culpability Lies With The Hackers, Not The Pic-takers

Let's place blame where it belongs—on those who are unconscionably violating the privacy of others. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   10.13.14   |   SHARE
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Video Chat: Helping Long-Distance Friendships Everywhere

Beyonce and Lady Gaga agree: video chat sessions via Skype or FaceTime are an awesome way to stay close with old friends. Read...
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Walk of Shame Kit—Essential or Insulting?

Ahhh, the walk of shame. How many times have you unceremoniously strut the streets with the remnants of last night’s triumphs/mistakes on your body? Read...
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Contrary to What it Looks Like, Snapchat is Not the Preferred Way to Sext

Doesn't Snapchat seem like it was designed for sexting? Those college rascals don’t think so -– a new study revealed that Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.28.14   |   SHARE
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