The author can neither confirm nor deny the validity of this tee.

If I Go To Hell, I Know My Message Tees Are Waiting For Me There

Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution. The list goes on. And of all the environmentally unsound ways to poison the atmosphere, I’m probably Read...
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These days, I shave most of my body hair by choice. On the days (or weeks) that I don't, that decision is just as much my choice. Image: Thinkstock.

Why I Was Late To The Shaving Game

I tapped the razor on the side of the sink and inspected my smooth legs for any missed spots. Then I rinsed the blade, washed my hands, and put on my Read...
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I loved the pool with the all-consuming fervor I reserved for so many of summer’s pleasures. Image: alondav/Pixabay.

The Plus Side Of Being A Plus-Size Lifeguard

From my earliest memories of splashing my siblings at the community swimming pool, I had an idea of what lifeguards looked like — young, tall, and Read...
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10 Things I Wish I'd Known As A Teen

7. Don’t give yourself a Brazilian wax with a razor. It doesn't look sexy at all and more importantly, you could do some serious damage to your lady Read...
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Jenni Berrett

One Week Of College And The Mental Break That Sent Me Home

"I had always pictured myself spending afternoons studying there. I instead found myself curled up on one of those benches at five in the morning, Read...
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Honey, putting your boobs on Instgram will ruin your shot at being a state representative. Credit: Thinkstock

What Does Teen Sexting Mean For The Standards Of Future Politicians?

If "everyone" is doing it, will the future be more forgiving of public expressions of sexuality? Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   10.15.14   |   SHARE
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