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Everyone Mad About Tess Holliday’s Self Cover: Thanks For Missing The Point

In a move that is sure to cost them more than a few subscribers, Self magazine has made Tess Holliday their July Read...
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5 Ways to Unpack White Privilege: The Tess Holliday Incident

I am a woman of color, and when I first read the article, it made me think of the white women I know who exclusively date black men. And so Tess's Read...
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Tess Holliday: The Voice Of the Fat Acceptance Movement

The media would love for you to believe that they love fat bodies, but in truth, they mostly just love money. Read...
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Off The Cuff: Crop Tops For Curvy Ladies

Practically speaking, if you want to try a fashion trend that you’re not initially comfortable with, approach it the same way you would an awkward Read...
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Tess Holliday Shows Us That Short Girls Are Sexy Too

Can we petite women follow Holliday's lead using the hashtag #effyourheightstandards? Read...
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Why Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday's #effyourbeautystandards Is A Contradiction

Holliday says she's defying modern day beauty standards. I'm not so sure. Read...
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