I want to make the kids turn off their screens as I would in regular life back on the ground, but it seems like this is not the time to stick to rules or try for a parenting victory.

Screen Time Got My Family Through An 18-Hour Flight. I Regret Nothing.

Eighteen hours, even if prepared with reading and art material, snacks, and an upgrade to China Airline’s family couch seating, is still EIGHTEEN HOURS.

Best case scenario? A few hours of activity, then we all fall asleep comfortably. Worst case? Well, let's just say it involves blood splatter on those weird double-paned airplane window.


Happy Birthday to Beautiful Badass, Audrey Hepburn

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Indian Navrati Festival Celebrates The Female Divine

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Baby Gammy, Abandoned by Western Parents in Thailand, Sheds Light on Moral Issues of Global Surrogacy Industry

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America Vs. Thailand: Is Backwash Puritanism Better Than Dangerous Sex Work?

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